Test on Cancer patient University Erlangen Germany.
Test Clinical Center Hong Kong Independent clinical tests confirm the successful pain reduction effect of DE – Ka Titan.
The tests were made in following institutions:

  • German Universities:

    report a high rate of pain reduction.

  • German pain treatment clinic:

    only by applying DE-KA Titan for as little as 30 minutes the success rate reached a level of 54 % from the total number of patients.

  • Hospital, China
    Test period: 4 months

    Success rate: 78% 20% of the test group experienced considerable pain reduction 58% of the test group experienced pain reduction

Additionally Patient Reports

Dear Mr. Lehnert, I have had the unique opportunity for a test trial of your DE-KA Titan device designed for the purpose to deliver freedom of pain or at least minimize experienced pain.  As both a health care practitioner and patient, I was very curious about the DE-KA Titan device.  As a life-long migraine sufferer, I have used various migraine medications over the course of many years and have also tried alternative medication therapies; all without experiencing total freedom from pain.   Prior to trial of the DE-KA Titan device, I was using narcotic medications in combination with a muscles-relaxer, benzodiazepine, and anti-nausea medication to help deal with severe non-retractable migraine pain and its side effects.  With the use of the DE-KA Titan device, I have been able to wean myself from the daily use of physically addictive medications.  I have experienced several occasions for two-day periods of pain freedom; and I am using less prescription medications. Please allow me to encourage you to continue your work for the representation of the DE-KA Titan device as an alternative pain therapy having notable positive response.  My pain condition has improved from daily pain episodes to alternative episodes of pain to include up to two consecutive days of total pain freedom on several occasions.   I will continue to use the DE-KA Titan device as part of my pain management therapy and wish to sincerely thank you for introducing to me this device. Respectfully, Dr. Patricia A. Zander, PhD., PMHNP-BC
Dr. Patricia A. Zander

PO Box 130 Lake City, CO 81235

Dear Manfred, Thanks so much for your e-mail and Dr. Zander’s testimony. It’s funny but I thought to write you this week as well. The De-Ka Titan arrived safely and I am using it now for 3 weeks. It definitely reduced some of the daily migraines and medication intake and on some days I was even migraine free.  I want to test it a couple more weeks and then tell my doctor and some co-workers who also have severe migraines. If you have a central site for customers, I would be happy to post on it my positive comments. Surely, you created a great device for people suffering from pain. Hopefully, many more people will know about it and are able to cut down on medication or even become pain free. Take care and thanks so much. Vera VJ Westminster, MD 21157 USA Tel.: (410) 8572478 email: vjakoby@mcdaniel.edu Dear Manfred, Thanks so much for sending the photos. That helped and I think using it now correctly for the past week and had just one migraine (the first time I had a week like that in decades). Definitely, I will write a testimony this weekend and send it over. I just can’t believe it is working so well. Again, thank you so much for inventing this titanium miracle. Take care, Vera
Vera VJ Westminster, MD 21157 USA

Dear Mr. Lehnert, I wanted to let you know what a wonderful product De Ka  is. I have been using it, as well as my sister, for at least a year now. It’s amazing. It allows me to carry on my day-to-day activities (and work) while coping with chronic pain. My sister and I both have Neuralgia and Migraines. I also have Fibromyalgia, as well. I am so glad that more and more people are selling such a great medication-free product. Devices like the De Ka Titan will hopefully be the future of pain management. Sincerely, Sarah R. Moll liliesofwhite@hotmail.com
Sarah Moll

Dear Manfred Thanks for your quick response. The De-Ka Titan gives a 75% reduction in pain for occipital neuralgia.  Tried many drugs, but none work. Currently the De-Ka Titan is the only thing that works. Been trying for a year to get the insurance company to approve nerve stimulator implant surgery. Thanks again. Dean Lanckton deanl [deanl@fairpoint.net]
Dean Lanckton

Dear Manfred Time has flown by.  I hope you are well. I just thought that in view of our fairly extensive conversation last year that I would bring you up to date with what happened with my girlfriend. When she stopped taking the naratriptan the cluster migraine headaches came back quite ferociously during the first week.  The only medication she took was aspirin and paracetamol. During the second week, the frequency and intensity of the headaches began to reduce. She was able to return to work on the third week and has managed her headaches ever since using only aspirin and paracetamol.  There are some days when she has no headaches at all and takes no medication.  I have noticed a major change in her energy, and she is feeling so much better in herself.   I thought you would like to know that throughout all this time she still continues to wear your Deka titan device. But the outcome has been truly remarkable and her quality of life has been significantly improved.   Once again I thank you for your understanding, compassion, generosity of spirit and your prayer.
Sarah R. Moll

Dear Mr. Lehnert,

I would like to congratulate you on your DE-KA Titan device to reduce and eliminate pain. For the past 5 weeks, I had the opportunity to test it and I am happy to say that it reduced my migraines tremendously giving me even five days without any attacks. I would estimate that the attacks are 80% less and the ones I still experience are less severe and painful. Having had frequent, severe migraines for over 40 years and for the past decade on a daily basis, your device is changing my life. Like many other migraine sufferers, I have tried a multitude of traditional and complementary treatments and medications without lasting relief. Needless to say that the side effects of most medications cause all kind of other health problems and I am so relieved that your device does not pollute and poison the body. Also, I wanted to thank you for your constant care and response to my questions. You took the time to send me supplemental info and I very much appreciate you following up on customer’s experiences with the DE-KA Titan. Hopefully, many migraine patients will learn about your invention and I hope general physicians and neurologists will recommend it. Imagine millions of people don’t swallow every day addictive medications any more but instead use your reliable, non-intrusive and non-polluting wristband with a pain interceptor. That would be a better world and I will spread the word amongst friends, co-workers and physicians I will come in contact with to make them aware of your invention. I wish you lots of success and many new ideas for new inventions. Sincerely, Vera Jakoby Vera Jakoby, Associate Professor & Chair Department of Philosophy Co-coordinator for Sophomore Interdisciplinary Studies McDaniel College 2 College Hill Westminster, MD 21157 USA Tel.: (410) 8572478 email: vjakoby@mcdaniel.edu

Vera Jakoby

Dear Manfred Thank you for your helpful mail. My wife certainly wishes to buy a De Ka Titan bracelet for herself as she must return the present bracelet to the Migraine Association in the next few days with her report on its effectiveness. She has suffered with Migraine headaches for over 40 years and she reports that the Titan quickly helps relieve the pain. My address is:- “Archives” Mill-Lay Lane Llantwit Major Vale of Glamorgan Wales CF61 1QE UK Telephone:- 44(0)1446 793003 Vielen Danke Richard Vidler
Richard Vidler

Dear Manfred   As promised I am writing a testimonial with regards the De-Ka Titan and Migraine headaches.  I was lucky enough to have a month’s trial from the Migraine Action Association a few months ago and was so impressed that I have bought one to use from Germany. I have been suffering from Migraine headaches since I was 10 years old and am now just 60 – a long time for having my life disrupted on a regular basis.  I had tried all sorts of medication with not much success.  The Migraines would last about six days and often come at inconvenient times.  I wear the De-Ka Titan every night and have not woken with a Migraine since.  If a headache starts during the day I just put it back on and most of the time the headaches clear up.  I am really pleased with the De-Ka Titan and would recommend trying it. Best wishes to you and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2010. Janine Vidler (Mrs) – South Wales – UK Richard Vidler [jrv.archives@virgin.net]
Richard Vidler

Dear Manfred, I can testify that 5 minutes after using it now, my knee pain is dramatically reduced. This is great news! Karen / USA
Karen / USA

Dear Manfred I am from the USA. Thank you for your response. My sister-in-law purchased this device and is quite happy. I am on Medicare/Medicaid and wanted to find out if the had approved it. Thank you Diann Nutter Diann Nutter [dnutter29527@yahoo.com]
Diann Nutter

Good Day, I recently purchased a Titan and already it has been effective in reducing sciatic, lower back and migraine pain.  My wife and I share the device and luckily haven’t needed it at the same time.  Thank you David Steitz “The Repair Guy” Virginia Beach Fire Department Va Beach Fire Training Center 927 South Birdneck Rd Va Beach, VA 23451 757-385-2895 desk 757-437-4995 fax David F. Steitz [DSteitz@vbgov.com]
David Steitz

Dear Manfred Thank you for your fast response. I really appreciate it. I don’t know how, but your product has helped my husband a lot since we bought it last year. He would suffer from really painful headaches/migraines on almost a daily basis. He has had them for almost 25 years. While the migraines have not gone away, they have become less intense and less frequent since wearing the band. So, we obviously want to continue using your product. Thank you once again. Delphia Sullivan 18469 48th Ave N Loxahatchee, FL 33470 954-341-3818 Purchased 5/21/2010
Delphia Sullivan

Hello Mr. Lehnert,   I sincerely want to thank you for all of your efforts to ensure that I get my Dekamed device as quickly as possible. I did receive my device 6 weeks ago and had been wearing it most of the times on my left wrist.   I used to have migraine headache, stress headaches and sinus headaches very often; usually 2-3 episodes per week. I had been taking Motrin (Ibuprofen) 400-600mg 2 tabs every day. Side effect to that was my gastric ulcer, resulting from a long-term use of NSAIDs. I also have been taking Imitrex for past 4 years for migraines.   Since I started wearing this device, almost immediately, I could feel relief. I had no headache what so ever at all for past 6 weeks. I did not even take Tylenol once…!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am very thrilled to share my feedback with you and your team. ☺   I am a registered nurse trained in US and Canada. While I discuss this device with my colleagues and family members, I realized that how many people are unaware of this breakthrough.    We certainly be in touch.   Best regards   Mani   Mani Rahman RN, BSN, LNC    Program Manager; Jointeffort   Roche Patient Assistant Program   647-705-4940   Manirahman@hotmail.com   Mani Rahman RN, BSN, LNC   Program Manager; JointEffort
Mani Rahman

Mr M.S.Harvey House 166 Tong Fuk  In DD328 lot 1387 Tong Fuk Village, Lantau, NT Hong Kong 6th October 2014 Dear Manfred   Thank you for introducing me to the DE-KA Titan   you know yourself that I have been very sick for the last couple of months and have been suffering from Cervicogenic Headaches due to a broken C6 Vertebrae in my lower neck I had been taking many different pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets that have led to loss in weight and terrible stomach aches and dioreaha   I had got to a point where the headaches were unbearable and of the same type as most migraine sufferers suffer from.   I have suffered with Migraines over the last 20 years or so and have tried many different treatments nothing was helping. Since you suggested to try the DE-KA …literally the same day I stopped taking all pain killers!!!!   Truly amazing, as I always have my doubts about gadgets stopping pain, but this really works!! I have not taken any pain killers since the 6th Oct 2014 to date   and before that I was literally throwing down tablets every few hours to try and subside the headaches.   This is truly a remarkable, and I thank you for giving me the help I so desperately needed! no more pain killer tablets for me !   as soon as I feel that I have pain coming I put it straight on, there is no immediate feeling but after half hour or so nothing comes of the headache’s! Its just Crazy and a miracle    Thanks again for introducing me to this amazing device Manfred, I will have it by my side wherever I am!  it really is a fantastic product, I wish you well and I hope that you can help many patience.    Regards Mark Steven (Lenny) Harvey msharvey@live.co.uk  Phone + 852 9398 2714
Mr M.S.Harvey

Dear Manfred.   I am the father of Mascha, she is using your device since a view months now. Just want to let you know that I can not THANK you enough for getting my daughter back into shape. For years I have spent large amounts of money to help her to control the migraines, we have seen all doctors Chiropractors, classic Homeopaths, regular homeopaths, massage therapists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and all other expensive regular medical personal with all their fake promises they did not keep!!   There are probably no medicines in the world left that she did not try yet, and the doctors where testing everything possible (on my account)! At this moment, she is working to get away from the last view prescriptions, she is now able to control the pain with simple medicine, and she is changed back into the happy kid she was before. The whole process did not happen in just a view weeks but the difference to us parents is as from dead to alive! Therefore again: Thank you, and if you ever need a reference do not forget to use my E mail or phone number (+1-734-218-0863) lyanne@verwater.us  Regards Jan Verwater
Jan Verwater

AmerisourceBergen Canada Hello Manfred,   I have used the device for two weeks now. It is good. It has relieved my headache pain a whole lot. During the first week, I used it together with the electrodes. What I noticed then was that I became very dizzy and slept a lot. I have now stopped using the electrode. I now only use the device only. What I have noticed is that I feel much better without the electrode. The pain goes away faster and I do not feel dizzy. I therefore wish to extend many sincere thanks to your DE-KA Titan Company. I wish furthermore that your company may extend into Liberia to do this all-important life saving business. Please think about this.   I am, Rosetta Senapo   Rosetta Senapo [rsenapo@gmail.com] 
Rosetta Senapo

Oslo, 6 July 2010   Testimony about the DE-KA titan bracelet I am a Norwegian woman, 52 years of age, and have been suffering from migraines for approximately 30 years. The past 15 years they have become increasingly worse, I can no longer drink any alcohol, I always get migraines if I stay in places with much noise, much light or if I go on car or air trips that last longer than a few hors. But even if I avoid these (known) triggers I have been forced to take migraine medication (sumatriptan) on average 17 days a month. Fortunately, this medication works so I have not had to give up my work or even stay away from work much because of migraines. However, it is exhausting to have these pains so often and to take these medicines more than every other day, for decades. If I do not take medication, my migraine attacks last for approximately 48 hours and are excruciatingly painful. Needless to say, I prefer the risks of medication side effects to going through this on a regular basis. I have sometimes felt compelled to just go through with attacks when I have been in situations when I have taken the medication every day for more than three weeks. I have been to numerous doctors, including specialists, and gone through a number of attempts to cure the migraines through prophylactic treatment. Over the years, I have tried various kinds of blood pressure medication, anti depressants (in small doses), epilepsy medication of various strength, hormone additions of different kinds including birth control pills, and cortisone, to mention some.  I have also tried a number of alternative avenues, such as chiropractors, acupuncture and homeopathy, taken minerals, vitamins, herbs etc.. I have also tried a variety of different diets, ranging from eating only raw vegetables to eating only meat and fat, and everything in between. Nothing I ever tried had lasting effects. Sometimes there would be an improvement for a few weeks, but soon I would be back to normal.   Migraine has impacted my life very negatively, both physically and mentally. Medication makes me tired, and all physical activity becomes very heavy. I feel guilty because I get migraines (what did I do this time?) and because I take too much medication (the doctors keep saying that more than 8 migraine medicine doses a month is too much). I am by nature a cheerful person, but this condition has made me feel very depressed many times.   I was checking something on the internet when I by chance looked at a website for alternative treatment of migraines (MAGNUM) and read about the DE-KA bracelet for the first time. This was in January this year (2010). I thought it very unlikely that this would have any effect on me, as nothing I have tried has ever worked. It stuck somehow in my memory, and when I had had a particularly bad February, I thought that perhaps it was worth trying.          When I started to wear the bracelet, I was not very optimistic, having tried practically every possible remedy and getting disappointed every time. I first tried to wear it with the electrodes when an attack came. It did not work – something felt very different, but the pain came nevertheless. I then followed Manfred Lehnert’s advice, using the bracelet without the electrodes, and simply wearing it 24/7. It had an astonishing effect. The pain became weaker, and I could very often get migraine attacks to disappear with paracetamol and similar non-prescription headache medication. Sometimes it just disappeared by itself. In fact, I can now wake up with beginning migraines, get out of bed and make some coffee, and in the course of 40 or so minutes, the pain has subsided. Always before, if I woke up with migraines, there would be no way to avoid migraine medication, and often I would have to take double dose.   In the first two months of wearing the bracelet, the frequency of taking sumatriptan (relpax) went from 17 to 4 per month. I still had frequent headaches, but as I said, it was much easier to get them to disappear. I then had a period when the attacks became more frequent – I had 8 instances where I had to take relpax in May. I then wrote to Manfred Lehnert and he advised me not to wear metal in contact with the bracelet, as this would hamper the effect of the titan box. I had stared to wear a metal bracelet over the titan bracelet to hide it (feeling a bit self conscious about it). I then started to wear my wristwatch on the right wrist and no more metal objects on my left wrist except the bracelet itself. It has had a very positive effect. In June I had to take relpax only 3 times. Moreover, I have only taken non-prescription headache meds on two occasions. If I feel like a migraine is on the way in the afternoon or evening, I also use the electrodes, sleeping with them at night. This seems to prevent me waking up with migraines most of the time.   Summing up (it is now July 2010), my migraines have become far less frequent, and far less powerful. I am down to three instances of migraine medication and two to three instances of non-prescription meds per month. I feel like another person –  and in particular I am in a much better mood! I still have migraines as a diagnose, I still can’t drink wine, but I can live with it without feeling miserable, feeling poisoned by too much medication and feeling guilty about it too. I am no longer afraid that I will have to give up my profession on account of migraines. It has only been four months, but I have every confidence that the effect will last. My little involuntary experiment with hampering the effect of the bracelet, because I was wearing metal that touched the titan box, shows that the way it affects me cannot be placebo.    Gro Nystuen Stensgata 36, 0358 Oslo
Gro Nystuen

Dear Sir,   I have been using the De-Ka-Titan for years and it has helped me tremendously with chronic migraines and occipital neuralgia!   My pin has broken and need a new one so I can put the band back on.  Can you please let me know how to get some extra pins and a watch bands?   I would greatly appreciate it!   Thank you!  Stacey Rongey Bs_rongey@yahoo.com Stacey Rongey stacey.rongey@yahoo.com Stacey Rongey 9624 Teal Court Mascoutah, IL 62258 618-670-3598 Ph.
Stacey Rongey

Dear Manfred, Let me tell you my experience with the De-ka Titan.  I have a herniated disk, at L1-L2 from a car accident many years ago. The majority of the pain (felt like a burning needle shoved into my lower back) I had eliminated years ago with another alternative medicine (another story in itself).  However, in the past few months I have had a re-occurrence of nerve pain in my lower back a low level of chronic pain.  However, this would increase to a very sharp pain running down my right leg from my lower back to my ankle with every step up and down stairs. When I received the De-ka Titan I immediately put it on and all nerve pain was gone within a few seconds.  It took a few days for me to walk up and down stairs normally as I would flinch on every step waiting for the pain that never came back.  This invention is a miracle. Your device needs to be sold by demonstration.  What I mean is that due to the high price many people will not even look at it twice online, even with all the testimony and studies.  However, as soon as someone with chronic nerve pain puts on a De-ka Titan it will be sold. How do I become a distributor so I can go to health expos and demo it? Thanks, John Chong 646-299-1039 jc3939@aol.com
John Chong

Dear Mr. Lehnert, Thank you for replying. The information’s more clearly now. It’s very helpful for me. I knew the DE – KA from internet when I searched how to reduce the cancer pain. Fortunately, I have a friend who named Lu Wang in Germany. She helped me to buy the DE – KA and post to me.  The DE – KA helps my father relieve the pain and it has no side effects. Thanks to the invention of it.  It’s more and more people has cancer or other pain in China. The DE-KA is much better than analgesic. It’s helpful for patient!  Thanks a million again and all the best for you. Warm Regards, Lei Shi P.R.CHINA  Phone: 0086 13780382288  E-Mail: 15856134@qq.com
Lei Shi

Dear Manfred, I have been wearing the DE-KA Titan for many years now.  I have been suffering from Chronic Migraines and Occipital Neuralgia for 10 years.  I took a chance buying the DE-KA Titan because any improvement in my condition would help.   When I put the device on I did feel a slight tingle but then it went away. I wasn’t sure the device was working except after I’d had a nerve denervation surgery and I had taken it off so my sister who suffers from fibromyalgia and migraines could try it.  She had it on for one week and said she thought it was helping her as well.  She had ordered one and wears it every day, without the electrodes, as well. My sister had called me to tell me that she thought it was working and I was in tears in so much pain. She said well I’m going to bring your DE KA Titan back over. I don’t want you to be without it anymore. When I put it back on the next day I felt a lot better again. I know the De KA- Titan is helping because when I don’t wear it I have more nerve pain and more headaches that I even want to deal with. So now the only time I take it off is when I take a shower.  I wear it 24/7 without the electrodes.  Thank you so much for invent this device, I hope that more patient are able to use the DE – KA and I hope it will help other patient like me and my Sister.   We are both feeling better. Stacey Illinois June 16, 2016

Hallo Herr Lehnert,


vorab möchte ich mich nochmals für die sehr, sehr unkomplizierte Abwicklung der Bestellung und für Ihre Unterstützung bedanken. Dies ist durchaus nicht normal und hat mich sehr positiv beeindruckt.
Nun sind doch einige Wochen nach Rückkehr meiner Frau aus der Schmerzklinik vergangen und wir können seit Nutzung des Armbandes durchweg positiv berichten.
Meine Frau hat nun nach jahrzehntelanger Tabletteneinnahme (immerhin 30 – 50 Stück im Monat) endlich einen Weg gefunden, mit der Schmerzerkrankung umzugehen. Hierbei unterstützt die Nutzung des Armbandes sehr positiv!
Nur bei drohenden Kopfschmerzen benutzt Sie auch die Elektroden und konnte hier bisher fast immer eine Linderung der Schmerzen feststellen.
Nun ist Sie dazu übergegangen das Armband, ohne Elektroden, fast täglich zu tragen. Das tägliche Tragen unterstützt sicherlich die restlichen Maßnahmen sehr positiv und trägt sehr gut zur Vorbeugung bei.
Aufgrund dieser Erfahrungen kann ich nur allen Betroffenen und auch den Lebenspartnern, empfehlen sich wenigstens mit der Wirkweise des Armbandes zu beschäftigen. Jeder Weg Schmerzen ohne die Einnahme von Tabletten zu vermeiden, oder zu lindern, kann nur positiv bewertet werden und bringt mittel- und langfristig einen wichtigen Anteil an Lebensfreude und Gesundheit zurück.
Sie können gerne dieses Feedback an anderen Betroffenen/Interessierte weiterleiten!
Ich möchte an dieser Stelle ausdrücklich anmerken, dass es sich um eine neutrale Bewertung eines Lebenspartners handelt und es mich außerordentlich freut, dass Sie, durch Ihren Unternehmergeist, eine Möglichkeit zur tablettenlosen Schmerztherapie entwickelt haben.

Herzlichen Dank und einen lieben Gruß aus dem Sauerland

Georg Marek


Hello Mr. Lehnert,

I would like to thank you for the very, very easy handling of the order and for your support.
This is certainly not normal and has impressed me very positively.
A few weeks have passed after my wife has returned from the pain clinic and throughout we can tell you a very positive report using the bracelet.My wife has now, after decades of tablets (at least 30 – 50 pieces per month), finally found a way to deal with her pain disorder.

The use of the bracelet is supporting her very positive!

Only in case of imminent headache she uses the electrodes and so far, she could almost always and relief from the pain.
Now she wears the bracelet without electrodes, almost daily. The daily wearing supports certainly remains measures very positive and contributes very well for prevention. Based on this experience, I can recommend all concerned and the life partners, at least to show interest how the bracelet functions. Any way to avoid pain without taking tablets, or alleviate, can only be assessed positively and bring medium and long term back an important part of happiness and health. Feel free to forward this feedback to other stakeholders / interested!

At this point I would like to say explicitly, that this is a neutral evaluation of a life partner and I am extraordinarily pleased, that you have developed through your entrepreneurial spirit a way of tablet less painkilling treatment.

Thank you and a nice greeting from the Sauerland

Georg Marek / Balve / Germany


Lieber Manfred, Oktober 2016 Ich leide bereits seit Jahren unter Migräneattacken. Bei mir persönlich liegt die Ursache vermutlich an meiner übergelenkigen Rückenmuskulatur, die plötzlich stark verkrampft und verspannt. Die Folge sind dann meist starke Kopfschmerzen in Verbindung mit Lichtempfindlichkeit und Geräuschempfindlichkeit. Je nach Stresslevel treten Sie in Abständen zwischen 2 Wochen und zwei Monaten ein. Bisher half mir bei akuten Attacken nur FORMIGRAN®. Ein Medikament auf Naratriptanbasis, welches die bei Migräne geweiteten Blutgefäße im Bereich der Hirnhaut auf das Normalmaß verengt. Diese muss ich jedoch rechtzeitig einnehmen. Also bei Beginn der ersten Kopfschmerzen, da bei mir sonst kaum noch eine Wirkung eintritt.  Zur Vorbeugung und Erhöhung der Zeiträume zwischen den Attacken gehe ich bereits seit Jahren zur Neuraltherapie. Hierbei wir in Lokalanästhetikum mittels Spritzen in die verschiedenen Muskelpartieren eingebracht um die Funktionsstörungen im Organismus zu beheben. Anschließen erhalte ich eine Massage zur Lockerung der betroffenen Muskeln. Über einen Freund durfte ich den Dakamed-Schmerzstopper testen. Ich legte ihn während einer bereits drei Tage andauernden (allerdings leichten) Migräneattacke an. Um direkt die maximale Wirkung zu erzielen, nutzte ich auch die Elektroden. Nach einer guten Dreiviertelstunde setzte die erste Wirkung ein. Meine Kopfschmerzen waren nicht ganz weg aber viel besser. Bis zum nächsten Tag waren sie dann verschwunden.  Mittlerweile habe ich einen eigenen DE-KA Titan  Liebe Grüße  Jenny, Rosstal / Germany English Translation:  Dear Manfred, October 2016 For years I am suffering migraine attacks. In my case, is the cause most probably my over articulated back muscles, the muscles suddenly cramped and heavily braced. As a result, I get heavy attacks of headache associated with sensitivity to light and sound sensitivity. Depending on the stress level, the intervals vary between 2 weeks and two months. Until now, the only help at acute attacks was FORMIGRAN®. A drug on a Naratriptanbasis which constricts the dilated blood vessels in migraine in the meninges to normal levels. But I have to take this medicine in time. At the beginning of the headache, otherwise hardly enters any eect on me. For prevention and increasing the time periods between attacks I visit for several years a Neuraltherapy. In this therapy an injection with a local anesthetic is introduced in various groups of muscles to correct the malfunction in the body. Immediately after, I get a massage to relax the aected muscles. Through a friend, I was able to test the Dekamed Pain Reliever. During a three days lasting (slight) migraine attack I put it on. To achieve the maximum eect directly, I also took the electrodes. Three-quarters of a hour later I realized the eect. My headache had not completely gone but was much better. The next day I was painless. Meanwhile, I have my own private DE-KA Titan Jenny / Rosstal / Germany

Dear Manfred,

Some Testimony from China after using the DE – KA

1) Family members of patientsIn the late stage of cancer, and bone metastasis, it is too late to find it. You should take painkillers in the morning and at night. With this instrument, it can really reduce the pain. Generally, the quality of sleep at night will be significantly improved.(癌症晚期,骨转移,发现的时候已经太晚了,早晚也要吃止痛片,有了这个仪器后,的确会减轻。一般睡觉前帖,晚上睡觉质量会有明显提高。)

2) Family members of patientsThe first time I used it, I felt very good(就是第一次用的时候,就赶紧特别好)

Family members of patient3, 4 minutes can significantly reduce the pain3,4钟就可以明显减轻疼痛)

The above is the reply of the patient’s family in the dialogue

My. Best regards LEO

Mr. Liu Dapeng.

room 701, building 3, chunxiaoyuan

Dongxiao Road,

Luohu District

Shenzhen City,

Postleitzahl 518019

Guangdong Province

China 2022-01-05

Dear Mr. Lehnert, I want to let you know about my experience with the DE – KA Titan, I suffer for years on lower back Pain ( Lumbar vertebra ) and visit different chiropractors use Natural healing products and be almost every week by my Family doctor, nobody and nothing is able to help, they only tell me I have to take my drugs ( Ibuflam 600mg ) but I am getting sick in my stomach, have more and more nausea and in the last time I start vomit. I need to mention, that I am 72 Years old. A friend of mine recommend your device, (She suffer from Migraine and it help here ) so I was thinking I try, what can I loose, I still don’t believe what happened after I got the DE – KA from your company I take on my left wrist and after 2 days I feel that the pain go step by step. This is now 3 weeks ago, I don’t take anymore Ibuflam, I feel much better and I am back in my life. The pain stop not complete but with the rest pain I can good live without drugs.     I don’t know how it works, but I know it does.  Thank you so much and you can be sure that I will recommend your device to anybody who suffer on lower back pain or Migraine like my friend. Warm Regards 

Monika Sack / Germany     

Verified Purchase from S. R. Mollon, US

My sister and I both have a De Ka Titan. I have daily migraines with aura, as well as complicated migraines. The De Ka Titan helps lower the intensity of my migraines. I still have migraines, but the pain is definitely more manageable. I wear the deka 24/7 (only taking it off to shower). I wear the electrodes a lot of the time, but when my skin needs a break from the adhesive, I wear only the bracelet. I believe it is effective with and without the electrodes. When I have a more intense migraine, I believe the electrodes lower the pain quicker than the bracelet alone. My sister has Occipital Neuralgia, and migraines. She also wears the De Ka Titan 24/7. She loves the De Ka Titan, and cannot imagine life without it. I feel the same way.   The De Ka Titan was shipped to me in a timely fashion, and the company is amazing. I e-mailed the company to get more information, and the CEO wrote me back. He honestly cares about his customers, and will do anything to make you feel comfortable with the De Ka Titan. I have a very small wrist, and the sliding lock bracelet was difficult for me to adjust. He told me he would find a better band for me free of charge. I cannot give this company and its product enough praise. They are really making a difference in the lives of people who feel like they are out of options to manage their pain. They gave me hope for a pain free life.   Verified Purchase from Heather Stanleyon US I have had migraine headaches for the past 34yrs of my life. I had never heard of this product before but was willing to give it a try. My whole life I have been to numerous neurologist and as they described it: you have by the book migraine headaches and always wanted to give me medicine to take. I have searched for a long time for something more natural to help me with them. My headaches normally are approx. twice a month. Once I purchased the watch….I was so excited to get it. I have not looked back since!!! Normally the barometric pressure causes some of my migraines as well. My life has forever been changed. I wear the watch 24/7 and only take off for showering.

This has truly helped me and I hope anyone else has just as awesome results! Best of Luck!:)