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Pain impairs the quality of your life.
Pain is triggered by an illness or physical/mental disorder. As pain has a considerable influence on your well-being and quality of life, the role of pain therapy is extremely important.
Basically, DE – KA Titan can be used to treat all types of pain. It is important to know that the pain reliever is stimulated by a distinct pain impulse.
DE – KA Titan reacts intelligently to your pain impulse. The stronger the pain, the higher the reciprocal action with your nervous system. DE – KA Titan is not prophylactic! Pain is an important and necessary warning signal!


Recommended use


Safety instructions

Always consult a doctor when pain commences.
The device is for external use only, do not use internally.


Dekamed would like to introduce you, Dr. NANO 30 days, imagine. A product that redefines disinfection.

Hong Kong scientists have developed a new disinfectant that based on nano-silver and nano-titanium dioxide.

Due to its quality and composition, we guarantee an effectiveness on all surfaces treated with it for the next 30 days 99.97% on bacteria and viruses.

Thus, also on influenza, SARS, Corona and H1N1. With a shelf life of two years.

The effect on bacteria was confirmed by TÜV-Süd in a 30-day test.

Several studies from internationally recognized universities and institutes prove the effect of nano-silver and TiO2 on fours.

Dr. Nano is registered in Germany with the BAuA under the number N 98006

Others disinfect the past; we disinfect the future.

Dekamed would like to offer you this product for your business around it bring with us in trade and distribution.

Since Dr. NANO works for 30 days in advance, we see a large sales market in all areas with public transport, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, services, retail, workplaces, and the private sector.

Enclosed you will find some information about the product. (If you are interested, we can send you more information.


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