Dr. Patricia A. Zander, PhD., PMHNP-BC

–ír. Patricia A. Zander
PO Box 13
Lake City, CO 81235
October 10, 2011

Manfred Lehnert
DE-KA Titan

Dear Mr. Lehnert,

I have had the unique opportunity for a test trial of your DE-KA Titan device designed for the purpose to deliver freedom of pain or at least minimize experienced pain. As both a health care practitioner and patient, I was very curious about the DE-KA Titan device. As a life-long migraine sufferer, I have used various migraine medications over the course of many years and have also tried alternative medication therapies; all without experiencing total freedom from pain.

Prior to trial of the DE-KA Titan device, I was using narcotic medications in combination with a muscles-relaxer, benzodiazepine, and anti-nausea medication to help deal with severe non-retractable migraine pain and its side effects. With the use of the DE-KA Titan device, I have been able to wean myself from the daily use of physically addictive medications. I have experienced several occasions for two-day periods of pain freedom; and I am using less prescription medications.

Please allow me to encourage you to continue your work for the representation of the DE-KA Titan device as an alternative pain therapy having notable positive response. My pain condition has improved from daily pain episodes to alternative episodes of pain to include up to two consecutive days of total pain freedom on several occasions.

I will continue to use the DE-KA Titan device as part of my pain management therapy and wish to sincerely thank you for introducing to me this device.

Dr. Patricia A. Zander, PhD., PMHNP-BC