Dear Manfred

Time has flown by.  I hope you are well.

I just thought that in view of our fairly extensive conversation last year that I would bring you up to date with what happened with my girlfriend.

When she stopped taking the naratriptan the cluster migraine headaches came back quite ferociously during the first week.  The only medication she took was aspirin and paracetamol. During the second week the frequency and intensity of the headaches began to reduce. She was able to return to work on the third week and has managed her headaches ever since using only aspirin and paracetamol.  There are some days when she has no headaches at all and takes no medication.  I have noticed a major changes in her energy, and she is feeling so much better in herself.

I thought you would like to know that throughout all this time she still continues to wear your Deka titan device. But the outcome has been truly remarkable and her quality of life has been significantly improved. 

Once again I thank you for your understanding, compassion, generosity of spirit and your prayer.

Best Regards