Sarah - USA

I have daily migraines, and suffer from complicated migraines, as well. I borrowed my sister's De Ka Titan for a few weeks. While using the De Ka Titan, I noticed fewer and less severe migraines after about 3 days. I used the electrodes at first, but then ran out of electrodes and wore the device without electrodes. I believe that it worked with or without the electrodes. My sister suffers from daily migraines, as well, and has Occipital Neuralgia. She recently had surgery to relieve some of her nerve pain. I came over to her house to visit her after her surgery and she was in tears. She was in so much pain that all she could do was cry. I held her and tried to comfort her, the whole time trying to figure out a way to ease her suffering. I was still using her De Ka Titan at this time. She wanted to let me use it while she recovered from her surgery. The only thing I could think of that might relieve her pain was the De Ka Titan. I immediately drove home to get it, and brought it back to her. I called to check on her the next day, and she said, "It's amazing how much the De Ka Titan works. I guess I didn't realize how much pain relief I was getting, until I was without it" (the De Ka Titan).  I am so grateful to the makers of the De Ka Titan for helping my sister with her pain. This device really changed her life. She is now able to enjoy life again. She can wake up in the morning with a bearable amount of pain. She can work without questioning whether or not she can finish her day. Having a loved one who suffers from chronic pain is heartbreaking. All you want to do is take their pain away. I would give anything to heal her, anything to comfort her. If you have a loved one who you feel this way about, have them try the De Ka Titan. It works. It just might change their life.  

Belleville, IL USA