Test with 60 patients

A study on the DE KA Titan wrist bracelet
Test with 60 patients

In the time from September, 2008 until May, 2009 sixty patients were chosen randomly. Due to the fact that I’m leading a gynecology office there were more women than men.

The test patients received the wrist bracelet for a rent together with detailed verbal instructions on the usage of the device and the required electrodes. After a sufficient time period of 6 weeks the patients were exactly interviewed on the effects. There was a differentiation between good effects with a significant pain reduction, partial effects with a certain improvement and, thus, reduction of the need for pain relievers and low or no effect.

To summarize one can say that in 28 cases, i.e. 47 % a very good effect with a long-lasting or complete reduction of pain was achieved.

In 13 cases, i.e. 21.5 % there was a certain improvement achieved.

In 19 cases, i.e. 31.5 % there was no improvement.
Negative side effects were mentioned in none of the cases.

The most positive effects were registered in case of migraines and headaches. There were 14 patients with only 3 of them (21.4 %) failing to achieve improvements by this therapy. A significant improvement was reported in 9 cases (64 %), whereas the remaining 2 patients showed a certain improvement.

In case of chronic orthopedic grievances and other peripheral malaise, good results could be achieved, including complaints in cases of arthrosis, different spine grievances, ischemic pains, tennis elbow, muscle cramps and similar pains.

No results could be obtained in each of the two cases of acute joint rheumatismus (PCP) and cluster headache.

In two cases of Tinnitus connected to headaches a joyful improvement and a reduction of Tinnitus sound were monitored. In this area further cases should be studied.

All in all one can say that a trial therapy in case of above mentioned grievances with an average improvement rate of 68 % is quite advisable. This conclusion is especially supported by the fact that no side effects were registered.

A statement from Dr. Helmut Schaudig, Josephsplatz 1, 90403, Nürnberg