Bernadette (USA)

541 Pelham Road
New Rochelle, NY 10805
April 16, 2009

Subject: Deka Titan

Let me start off by saying Thank You Deka-Titan Inventor!!!! It works for me.

I was having terrible back pain and went to the Doctor, come to find out I have arthritis in my back. The Doctor gave me a prescription, I filled the prescription, took a pill twice a day as prescribed. It helped, but only eased the pain. I was very unhappy, had constant pain and didn't want to take pills the rest of my life. I met Janet Marion, who heard me complaining about the pain and she introduced me to the Deka-Titan, I wore it everyday and to bed at night, now I am pain free!!!!

Since my back pain has cleared up, I feel confident that the Deka-Titan will work for anyone with any kind of pain. Thanks again Deka-Titan Inventor.

Bernadette Leydon