Testimonials of DeKa-Titan users

“In the beginning, before using the De-Ka Titan, I was taking aspirin every four hours to help with the pain. Since starting to use the De-Ka Titan, I haven’t had to take a single aspirin. Before this experience I never had to deal with prolonged pain, so the De-Ka Titan has been a real help to me.” — Janet M., Mahopac, N.Y.

“I have been using the DE-KA Titan at night for the last few weeks to help me sleep. Instead of using muscle relaxers(for chronic neck pain), I have been sleeping with it on….I did start wearing the DE-KA Titan at work during the day, because the pain is almost unbearable without it. I also let my mother-in-law use it in the evenings for her knee. She had knee replacement and she said the DE-KA Titan seemed to help with the pain, so now we are trading it back and forth… I really haven’t had any terrible headaches since I’ve been wearing this, which is a bit strange because I would get migraines at least one or twice a month. I haven’t had any that I can think of …I was waiting to get one (a migraine) so I could try the DE-KA Titan for migraine pain, but I haven’t gotten one yet, which is good for me! I do believe the DE-KA Titan takes the edge off the pain…Thanks again-“ Natalie G. New York

“When I get a migraine it lasts for three days. Even with medications, I’m usually unable to do what I have to for at least one day. The first migraine I had after receiving the device, I put the DE-KA Titan
on and after a while, I realized ‘My head doesn’t hurt!’ For any migraines, I will absolutely use my DE-KA Titan.”  Tracy F., Lynbrook, N.Y.

“In March of 2005 I injured my back and had an MRI which revealed two damaged discs in my lower back. Shortly thereafter, I developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I also suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. With these lower extremity issues, I have been on various daily medications (ie. Requip, Lyrica) to have relief from the constant symptoms of back, leg and foot pain. I was resigned to having to live on pain medication for the rest of my life and live with pain. I heard about the DE-KA Titan but was under the impression it was solely for the relief of migraine headaches. Learning that it was also for chronic pain, I decided to wear the wrist band along with the two leads on my upper and lower spine. To my amazement, within the first 24 hours, I was able to perform functions which would normally have been too painful to attempt. The simple task of standing for a length of time to iron a dozen or so of my shirts would normally result in prolonged periods of rest with ice packs on my back. Not so with DE-KA. I completed this task and spent the rest of the day in little pain enjoying a day of shopping with my wife. Since I started using DE-KA, I have already cut back on my medications, taking only half of what I used to, on a daily basis. I sincerely want to thank you for this product and hope you have great success with it. I don’t know how it works, I just know it works.
Thank you!” Roger P., Cross River, New York

“My overall experience with the DE-KA Titan so far is quite good. I have two really bad herniated discs in my lower back. I have tried and owned several types of machines: TENS, IFT, H-Wave, etc. I must say the DE-KA Titan works for me even when I don’t have time to hook up the electrode pads on me when I am out. I just wear it on the wrist and let it do its magic. Of course, it is not a miracle device, but it does what it supposes to do, and does it very well for me.” Andy S., Agoura Hills, California

“At Chang An Hospital in Xi’an China, in an independent clinical study, conducted over a period of four months, with 112 patients, over 78% of chronic pain and migraine patients experienced
considerable pain reduction.”
“Results of a Clinical Case with Slipped Discs… The patient, M.R.M., female, 56 years of age, visited my clinic with stabbing pains in her right leg. After the first check up, sciatica was diagnosed, and after further medical tests, two slipped discs were diagnosed. To begin with, various pain killers were prescribed to reduce the pain, and on a second visit, the DE-KA Titan was recommended, attaching the electrodes, one on the lower neck and the other on the lower part of the spine. After one month’s treatment, the patient informed me of considerable improvement as regards pain factor due to the use of the DE-KA Titan. The patient declared that prior to using the DE-KA Titan, she had to take 12 pain-killers per day to try and reduce the pain. This, of course, left her in a state of drowsiness, which is normal when taking this kind of medicine, and prevented her from carrying on normally with her profession, in particular because of the Valium prescribed to reduce her state of anxiety. According to the patient, every day when she used the DE-KA Titan, she could relieve her pain with only 3 pain killers per day. The reduction in the dose of painkillers allowed her to be more alert and carry on her daily activities normally. It should be pointed out that the patient wore the DE-KA practically all day and all night. The patient informed me that on two occasions she had woken up at night with pain in her legs and realized that the electrodes from the DE-KA Titan had become disconnected. On another occasion the machine was disconnected unknowingly and the pain returned at its highest level. This detail is a good indication that the DE-KA Titan has had a positive effect without acting as a placebo. This same patient also confirmed that she had established from her experience with DE-KA Titan that her state of nerves and anxiety were reduced. This backs up the results obtained with other medical tests and described in the information sheet presented with the DE-KA Titan Pain Reliever. The experiences described by the patient M.R.M, as well as other positive cases that I have witnessed in my clinic, bring me to recommend the use of DE-KA Titan in the case of prolonged and chronic pains, as a good complement for traditional treatments, allowing in most cases a reduction in the dose of painkillers needed, and allowing the patient to carry on a normal day’s routine.”
Dr. Alan Eche, General Practitioner, specializing in Homeopathy, Alicante, Spain

“Many thanks for the DE-KA Titan. I use it nearly every day with very good results. My migraines have completely disappeared ( I used to take strong prescription migraine medicines every week). Also, my cervical spine pains are now much better. I am very pleased with the DE-KA Titan pain reliever.” Maria-Magdalena Kleineberg, Kefferhausen, Germany

“I would like to express my thanks for your pain reliever(the DE-KA Titan). I suffer from migraines and pains in my joints, and in the past I have been treated with many different pain medicines. Since using your pain reliever, I have been able to reduce my intake of pain killers to a minimum. Owing to this I can now also reduce the medication required to combat the side effects of these pain killers. My quality of life has been greatly improved since then. I wish to express my thanks for the DE-KA Titan.”  Siegfried Karlstedt, WerderHavel, Germany

 “We were lucky to get to know the DE-KA pain reliever. It helped to prevent the pain before and after the operation to my wife’s left hip joint. The same is true for the treatment of My neck pains. With my age of 92, the DE-KA Titan pain reliever is a great possibility to prevent pain – from ankle joints—up to the neck. I have to thank you every day! That’s the reason we don’t have any painkillers at home any more.” — E and R G, Germany