Pain: Pain in the region of lumbar vertebra and shoulder.

Pain: Pain in the region of lumbar vertebra and shoulder.
Written by Doctor F. from B.

Subject: Experience with DE-KA Pain Reliever

Dear Mr. Deinlein-Kalb!

I have been using the apparatus for several years due to frequent pains in lumbar vertebra and in my left shoulder. I am 79 years old; the causal therapy is not applicable and the only way remains is the symptomatic treatment. The parallel acupuncture helps to reduce the pain. I treat myself with the help of the DE-KA apparatus in cases of acute pains in the region of my head and neck which is usually caused through weather conditions. Therefore, I put the wrist for 5 minutes on my arm. The duration of the pain reduction takes 2 to 5 hours and depends on the situation. The suggested indirect treatment at night by applying the apparatus with elastic bandage on the vein of the left arm works well. I didn’t try to connect the electrodes. Instead, I wrapped the apparatus on the plain side with adhesive plaster in order to prevent its movement while attached to the body. The attempts to fix the apparatus on critical places such as the shoulder joints didn’t work. I got rid of strong medicaments (with side effects and adaption time) thanks to both therapies (DE-KA and acupuncture); what is left is the daily dose of 1-2 pills of Thomapyrines. You are welcome to use my experiences anytime (I am a graduated psychologist and have a Ph. D in Science). Please let me know of new field reports about DE-KA or other products in the future.

Best regards,
Doctor R.F. from B.