Pain: headache and sciatica

Pain: headache and sciatica
Written by Mrs. D. M. from N

Subject: DE-KA Pain Reliever

Dear Mr. Deinlein-Kalb,

I would like to thank you once again for the sample of your magic Pain Reliever. As you know, I have tried it already on other patients, who were very pleased with the results.

I also used the apparatus twice on myself. First when I had headache and the other time against sciatica. I felt better quickly: the pain disappeared and did not come back so far.

I also managed to surprise some of my friends and relatives: great results were achieved after using the apparatus once or twice. It helped mainly against pains in joints, the forearm and spasms of muscles. I don’t have more experience with it so far, but I guarantee you that I won’t miss a chance to recommend your DE-KA Pain Reliever at anytime.

Thank you very much once again and good luck for the future!

M. F. from H.