Patients’ responses

Pain: Intervertebral cartilage, sciatica, arthrosis.
Written by Mrs. H. W. from N.

Subject: Pain reliever DE-KA - Titan

Mr. Deinlein-Kalb,

I have been using your apparatus since May 13, and I am very thankful for it. Nearly everyone can apply it in cases of pain. I am one of the persons who are suffering from chronicle diseases and my pains won’t go away since 15 years now.
The pains I am suffering from:

  • Nearly every year pains in intervertebral cartilage, in loin, (LWS5/S1 – can’t be operated)
  • Sciatica from both sides (every day)
  • Arthrosis in sacrum joint

I am wearing the pain reliever nearly every day and night: during the day on the wrist and during the night on the loin. My pain (in my case in muscles and sciatica) is relieved after 20-30 minutes after applying this apparatus. I am not completely out of pain, but nevertheless, it is important for me not to be dependent on that much of medicine anymore.

My life has become much better since I started taking the Pain Reliever. I have a lot more initiatives and energy now.

After 4 -5 weeks of great experience, I suggested it to my family members and relatives. 8-10 of them already bought the apparatus; others are planning to buy it soon. My gymnastics trainer also wants to test this apparatus. My masseur (physiotherapist) always asks me about my experiences with it and my orthopedist also shows great interest in it. “Everybody received a copy of the instructions for the Pain reliever (with your daughter’s address)”. There are probably already 20-25 copies, which I gave to the others.

Best regards,

H. W. from N.