Patients responses

Pain: Local rheumatism
Written by Mrs. E. L. from B. W.

Subject: DE-KA

Mr. Deinlein-Kalb,

I started suffering from local rheumatism 5 years ago. I have taken Cortison for 1 year and some other medicines. After 3 years, the result was that I got 3 gastric ulcers. I got your DE-KA pain reliever from some of my friends. I started holding it in my hand in case of pain. After some time, the pain disappeared for several hours, sometimes even for 2 days.

I reduced the amount of pills during this time greatly. Nowadays, since 12 weeks, I just need one pill every 6-7 days. My rheumatic pains are not gone, but the apparatus DE-KA Pain Reliever helps me at all times.

Best regards,

E. L. from B. W.