Patient’s responses

Pain: Sciatica
Written by Doctor of Medicine K. G. from N.

Theme: DE-KA

Dear Mr. Deinlein-Kalb,

Excuse me for my late reply. I wanted to let you know about the great effect of the apparatus DE-KA a long time ago. As I know, serial-production has already started and the media has reported about the apparatus in the meantime. Thus, I also have a picture of “you” now.

The apparatus does miracles! After several operations on my spine, I suffer from sciatica in my right leg that has a fixer since several years now. In general, the pain is not very strong. However, sometimes acute pain occurs. It is possible to treat the permanent pain with the help of DE-KA and, moreover, even severe pain can be reduced. We also had great success with the apparatus against headache.

Thank you very much for your help and good luck for the future!

Best regards,

K. G. aus N.