Patient’s responses

Pain: Pain in the region of cervical vertebra
Written by Mrs. A. B. from N.

Subject: Pain reliever DE-KA - Titan

Dear Mr. Deinlein-Kalb,

I would like to thank you once again for giving me one of your samples of the DE-KA- Pain reliever. I had the possibility to try the apparatus for several weeks. I experienced a significant improvement in the region of my cervical vertebra, which has caused pain for more than 20 years. Although I couldn’t fix the dislocation of my vertebra (probably caused through lying) and the resulting headaches yet, a great improvement has been made. My acute pains in shoulders, which came over me every morning, reduced, and thus I am very happy now to be able to begin the day with much less pain.

I am especially so happy about that because the previous efforts of the doctors throughout years (including massages, help-improving gymnastics, neurologic treatment and acupuncture) helped only for a short period of time. I am confident that a continued use of the apparatus will contribute to an even greater improvement of my state and I might be able to reduce the quantity of pain-killers, which I always needed before.

Thank you once again and best regards,

A. B. from N.