Patients’ responses

Pain: Cancer
Patient’s medical history

Subject: Pain - cancer

1950: born

1973: married

1983: birth of the first child

1987: birth of the second child

1991: diagnosis: invasive, adenoma of prostate -Ca. II-III level/degree
Tumour of mammary gland with close-by and distant to the left, and the description of breast biopsy to the right.
Treatment: Zoladex, 6 courses of chemotherapy with CMF

1994/1995: metastases in bones from BWK 11(thoracic vertebra) LWK 3(basilar vertebra), sacrum, LWK 4(basilar vertebra)
Treatment: Irradiation

1996: husband’s death

1997: metastases on the left side of sternoclavicular joint
Treatment: Irradiation

06/1999: Bone metastases in sternum
Treatment: Irradiation

08/1999-09/1999: Metastases in iliac bone from left side, in aitchbone
Treatment: Irradiation

10/1999-12/1999: metastases in brain and in vertebral artery
Treatment: Irradiation

01/2000: Post operated pains:
Metastatic disease in all organism from vertebral artery dissection (HWS) to aitchbone.
Epidermoid cancer with metastases in HWK 4(cervical vertebras), BWK 11(dorsal vertebras), LWK 2(lumbar vertebras).
Patient with acute pain in the back and symptoms on paralyzed legs.
Treatment: 2 times a day Tramal ret. 150 mg, all 4 hours. 40 drops, drops Novaminsulfonratiopharm

From 2000 on: additional use of DE-KA-Titan- pain reliever (this apparatus can be worn on the wrist like a watch)
Result: great reduction of pain in and around metastases; the symptoms of the paralyzed legs have decreased after 2 weeks using the DE-KA pain reliever with 4 electrodes. Thus, the pain reliever Novaminsulfonratiopharm was not needed any more. The pain reliever was introduced in a clinic in Regensburg in 2000, in the department of radiation therapy.
At the same time information about the pain reliever was passed to Doctor Michael and Regina Lauterbach in their practice in Kiel.

02/2000: Due to progressing metastases in bones, the patient had to take CHT (6 cycles) 5 Fluorouracil + Navelbine. Thus, the pain in the back and sacrum was relieved and the Pain reliever wasn’t used any more.

04/2000: Pain in the mentioned area came back again. The DE-KA Pain reliever was used regularly since then with the same good results as in 01/2000.
The patient is completely convinced of the high effectiveness of the DE-KA Pain reliever.

Nuremberg, 05-01-00. Additionally:

05-07-00: Due to the repeated positive results with the DE-KA pain reliever, Mr. Deinlein-Kalb recommends the patient to wear the apparatus 23 hours a day.

06-16-00: The patient reports: I feel good after my 4th chemotherapy. The pain reliever is on me the whole day and night; I don’t take pills any more.