Intervertebral cartilage

Pain: Intervertebral cartilage
Written by Dr. M. F. – odontolog from H.

Subject: Apparatus - DE-KA - Titan

Dear Mrs. Festl!
Recently you told me during our telephone conversation about your desire to receive our responses about the apparatus (now DE-KA Titan). Here it is.

The DE-KA Titan gives excellent results: I tried it on myself as I suffer from chronic back pains after a herniated vertebral disk. For the first time after 4 years of ineffective treatment with acupunctures, massages and constant injections, my pain was relieved completely. This is the very positive aspect of the apparatus. Nevertheless, there is also a negative one: the electrodes for long term treatment (this is usually the case) are absolutely not proper. Firstly, stickiness exhausts after 3 days. Secondly, the cable releases from the electrodes after the third or fourth day of usage (in the night!) and it is not possible to fix them permanently again. The rubber electrodes should be delivered with plugs for sockets as used in TENS-apparatuses. In addition, I would recommend adhesives or tapes.

However, I proofed the great effect of the apparatus once again today. Both electrodes from the package exhausted after a week and as a consequence, my pain came back again. I want to help myself tomorrow. Therefore, I’m going to try to apply the old electrodes from the TENS-apparatuses on the DE-KA apparatus.

A better solution for this problem would surely help promoting the spread of the apparatus. Please let me know about this, if it will be the case sometime.

Best regards,
M. F. from H.