De-Ka Titan – Pain Reliever

Dear Sirs

In March of 2005 I injured my back and had an MRI which revealed two bulging discs in my lower back just touching (not pressing) on a nerve. Shortly thereafter I also developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet feeling only pressure but no temperature (hot or cold) on the bottom of my feet. I also suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (as do a few of my brothers – apparently hereditary). With these lower extremity issues, I have been on various daily medications (i.e. REQUIP, Lyrica Tabs, Hydrocodone) to experience relief from the constant symptoms of back, leg and foot pain. I tried Acupuncture a few months ago, for about 4 weeks, and experienced total relief for the brief period of one hour after my first treatment. Massages help for only a few minutes.

I was resigned to having to live on pain medication for the rest of my life and live with pain. I heard about De-Ka but was under the impression it was solely for the relief of Migraine headaches. Learning that it was also for chronic pain, I decided to wear the wrist band along with the two leads on my upper and lower spine. To my amazement, within the first 24 hours, I was able to perform functions which would normally have been too painful to attempt. The simple task of standing for a length of time to iron a dozen or so of my shirts would normally result in prolonged periods of rest with ice packs on my back. Not so with De-Ka. I completed this task and spent the rest of the day in relatively little (and very tolerable) pain enjoying a day of Christmas shopping with my wife.

Since I started using De-Ka, I have only removed the leads and wrist band for my daily shower. It has only been a few days but I have already cut back on my medications, taking half of what I used to, on a daily basis. I sincerely want to thank you for this product and hope you have great success with it. I don’t know how it works, I just know it works. Thank you!

Day 1: Performed tasks which normally would be painful & required rest afterward – none taken.

Day 2: Enjoyed a relatively painless day.

Day 3: Moved 3 couches, 2 love-seats, a coffee table and set up 4 folding tables and 50 chairs for a Condo meeting. Was concerned pain/discomfort would hit me – nothing, I felt fine even 12 hours later. I did, however, have to resume my normal night time dosage of medication. I have eliminated my evening dosage of medication as of the first day.

Days 4-7: I’ve been using De-Ka for one full week. What I’ve noticed, which is a very pleasant experience, is that if I do strain my back with any form of extra physical activity, I am not feeling the results of that strenuous activity (i.e., needing to rest for hours on end with ice packs on my lower back).


Roger Plant
Cross River, NY
December 12, 2008