I wanted to give you details on my experience using the DE-KA Titan for pain management. I’m normally a very healthy person, but this year I experienced sustained pain in my right shoulder and arm and after several weeks went to an orthopedist to find out what was wrong.  After x-rays and an MRI, the diagnosis was tendonitis and it was treated with cortisone to reduce the inflammation.   However I was left with a condition called “frozen shoulder” which severely limited the use of my arm due to the decreased range of movement.

The treatment for the frozen shoulder is intensive physical therapy and there are a lot of aches and pains that go along with the condition and treatment, as well as the residual pain from the tendonitis.  The DE-KA Titan has helped me so much to get through the pain with this process so far (I’ve used the DE-KA Titan for about 4 weeks) – at this time I’m still going through physical therapy and wearing the DE-KA Titan.  In the beginning before using the Titan, I was taking aspirin every 4 hours to help with the pain (I refused the pain medication prescription from the doctor as my body doesn’t react well to them.) and since starting to use the DE-KA Titan I haven’t had to take a single aspirin.  

One additional note on the Titan is regarding my husband, George, who is now retired.  George was a professional firefighter for 38 years and as a result has some physical issues that cause him pain: knee surgery for a torn ligament and compressed disks in his neck. One night after I came home from the office, George commented to me that his “knee was killing him” due to the rainy weather and I suggested that he try my DE-KA Titan. Thirty minutes after George started to use the Titan, he told me his knee wasn’t bothering him.   Several weeks later, he was having some back pain and couldn’t sleep and he borrowed my Titan again.  Once again the Titan helped George with his pain and he got a good night’s sleep.   Now when he gets pain in his knee or back, he asks me if I need my Titan.   I don’t mind sharing with my husband, but the optimum solution was a second Titan for my home so no one has to go without. 

Before this experience I never had to deal with prolonged pain, so the DEKA Titan has been a real help to me. Just like the DE-KA web site video states: “LIFE IS BETTER WITHOUT PAIN”!!

Janet Marion

Mahopac, New York

December 4, 2008