The patient M.R.M., female 56 years of age, visited my clinic with stabbing pains in her right leg. After the first check-up sciatica was diagnosed and, after various further medical tests, 2 slipped disks were diagnosed. To begin with various pain killers were prescribed to reduce the pain and, on the second visit De-Ka Titan, the pain reliever was recommended, attaching the electrodes, one on the lower neck and the other on the lower part of the spine.

After one month´s treatment, the patient informed me of considerable improvement as regards pain factor due to the use of DE-KA Titan. The patient declared that prior to using the DE-KA Titan that she had to take approximately 12 pain-killers per day to try and support the pain. This of course leaving her in a state of drowsiness which is normal when taking this kind of medicine and, preventing her from carrying on normally with her profession, in particular because of the Valium prescribed to reduce her state of anxiety. According to the patient every day when she used the De-Ka Titan she could support the pain with only 3 pain-killers a day. The reduction in the dose of painkillers allowed her be more alert and to carry on her daily activities normally.

It should be pointed out that the patient wore/used the De-Ka practically all day and night. The patient informed me that on 2 occasions she had woken up at night with pain in her legs she realised that the electrodes from the De-Ka Titan had become disconnected. In other when the machine was disconnected unknowingly and unconsciously the pain returned at its highest level. This detail is a good indication, in the case of this patient, that De-KA Titan has had a positive effect without acting as a placebo.

This same patient also confirmed that she had established from her experience with DE-Titan that her state of nerves and anxiety were reduced. This backs up the results obtained with other medical tests and described in the information sheet presented together with the DE-Ka Titan pain reliever.

The experiences has told by the patient M.R.M., as well as other positive cases that I have witnessed in my clinic, bring me to recommend the use of De-Ka Titan in the case of prolonged and chronic pains, as a good complement for traditional treatments., allowing in most cases a reduction in the dose of painkillers needed and allowing the patient to carry on a normal day´s routine.

Dr. Alain Eche,
General Practioner, specialised in Homeopathy
Alicante (Spain) October 2008