Dr. Med. Helmut Schaudig, 2008

First summary of tests with DeKa-Titan – Pain Reliever

Private practice
Dr. Med. Helmut Shaudig
Specialist for gynecology, homeopathy

To Mr. Manfred Lehnert

I have been testing the DeKa wristlet since September 2008 on different female patients with chronic pains.

The first conclusions are:

Very good results on patients who suffered strong migraine with evident reduction of constant sharp pain that was hard to tolerate before. In most cases, additional treatment with analgesics and special antimigraines medicine were not necessary anymore. In some cases patients experienced nausea that could hardly be controlled. In these cases it was treated with antiemetic only.

Good results were achieved with orthopedic and chronic post operative pains, though the operation was long ago. Among the pains were joint- and bone pains, back pains, muscle pains.

Nevertheless, fresh operative wounds (after the first operative days) need additional treatment with medicine.

Dr. Helmut Shaudig
Nurnberg, 31.10.2008

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