Helene Schaudig Nuremberg, dated 29.5.2008
Herpersdorfer Straße 18
90469 Nuremberg

Report on my Experience with the DE-KA-Titanium Bracelet

I am happy to report on my positive experience with the DE-KA-titanium bracelet.

After the birth of my 2nd son in 1987, I started suffering from migraines. The attacks were initially hormone-induced and cycle-dependent. The hormonal therapies available at the time were, however, successful only in the beginning, as the syndrome became independent and was no longer cycle-dependent. Accordingly, starting menopause did not bring any advantages for me, and the strong headaches teamed up with an ever increasing nausea.

My husband is an established gynaecologist in a big practice, I myself am a member of a private medical aid insurance, which is certainly a favourable opportunity to make all therapeutic possibilities accessible to me.

Everything imaginable had been tried, including all and any orthodox-medicine therapies

of a medicine-based nature, relaxation exercises and psychotherapy. Alternative medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy were, of course, given a go too. None of the methods was successful. It must be said that the continuous intake of anti-depressants and whenever necessary, the additional dose of strong pain killers brought about a certain partial success. I, however, had to discontinue this treatment, as my personal effectiveness in my manifold tasks was no longer given: I felt as if I had been wrapped in cotton wool and my natural mental alertness was totally suppressed.

In February 2008, I was introduced to the so-called “pain bracelet”, i.e. DE-KA-titanium.

At first I was taken aback by the success and of course I was very happy. As recommended, I put on the titanium bracelet at the beginning of a migraine attack, connected it through cables with the correctly placed electrodes and went about my normal activities. To my absolute delight, up to 90 to 100 percent of the pain was no longer perceived. I did not have to take any pain killers. In many cases, when the additional feeling of nausea was not totally gone, I took a simple Vomex A suppository.

Apart from the truly gained quality of life, I thought it was wonderful that I did not suffer any interference or reduction whatsoever in my effectiveness.

My success prompted my husband to introduce the titanium bracelet to his patients now.

(signed Helen Schaudig)