Pain: Pain after apoplectic stroke

Pain: Pain after apoplectic stroke
Written by Mr. O. S. from N.

Subject: DE-KA Pain reliever

Dear Mr. Kalb,

There are no words to express my thankfulness to you and your invention. I am suffering pain in my legs due to an apoplectic stroke since November 1996. My left hand and left leg were paralyzed by half. Treatments with Dolobene, Voltaren and acupunctures didn’t help. It was your “magic wand” that relieved my pain and today, my hand and leg are nearly 100% all right again. The first tryout relieved my pain for 12 hours. Further use of DE-KA reduced the pain by 90%.

My wife suffers of gout in her fingers; she applies the DE-KA for 10 minutes and is free of pain after that.

Our neighbor has headache very often (not migraines). Her pain is relieved after using DE-KA on her neck for 3 minutes on the left and right side. Altogether, I would describe your invention as a miracle that has helped me enormously. For me, it is and will be a “magic wand”.
Once again, thank you so much! I wish you all the best and success with the DE-KA.

Best regards,
O. S. from N.