Test at a Pain Clinic

Result: Alone the application of the sensor cover to veins of forearms showed the high success rate of 54% just after 30 minutes

Written on 10.10.2000 by Dr. Med. E. G. Boss, D.E.A.A., anesthetizationist /special pain treatment/rehabilitation expert in the ARKAU-Clinic in Mergentheim

Subject: test of DeKa-Titan

Mr. Deinlein-Kalb,

I have just got your fax, which I couldn’t answer until now because of my visit to the congress. In a series of not randomized tests with 2 devices, the device DeKa-Titan was consecutively tested on patients after they were informed and have expressed their consent with the tests. First studies were aimed to get the patients out of acute pains applying the apparatus. In the first test series, the acute pains were treated by application of DeKa - Titan for minimum 30 minutes. These tests had a success rate of 54 %, i.e. more than 50 % of the patients had less complaints about their pain. The apparatus helped especially those test subjects, who had headaches and pains of extremities. In a series of other tests, the affectivity of DeKa-Titan in case of chronicle pains was tested. This test was also not randomized and included fifty patients, who were informed prior to the test. The result of these tests was a short-term, insignificant pain reduction. This result was, however, certainly justified and another one could not be expected in case of massive chronic pain patterns with different influential factors.

Again I would like to excuse myself for me being late with this answer, because tests with the patients have ended just recently

Best regards from Bad Mergentheim
Dr. Med. E. G. Boss