Test reports

Independent clinical tests confirm the successful pain reduction effect of DE - Ka Titan. The tests were made in following institutions:

  • German universities:
    report a high rate of pain reduction.
  • German pain treatment clinic:
    only by applying DE-KA Titan for as little as 30 minutes the success rate reached a level of 54 % from the total number of patients.
  • Hospital, China
    Test period: 4 months
    Test group: 120 patients
    Success rate: 78%
    20% of the test group experienced considerable pain reduction
    58% of the test group experienced pain reduction
  Test process
Test reports
Am Chang
An Hospital
Test of 120 patients for 12 months Test reports 1
Test reports 1 Analysis
Test reports 2
At one of the German universities At first test of the passive Pain reliever in the area of technical medical appliances
Physical/psychological self treatment of the acute pain.
Significant reduction of the pain duration
Pain clinic
Test persons:
50 patients with acute pain in the pain area
Only the application of sensor houses fixed on forearm veins reached a success rate of 54% in just 30 minutes.
Own experience By acute pains the appliance of electrodes can substantially increase the pain reduction effect. Excellent results received 80% of all tested persons
Test series with DE-KA Titan Test reports of Dr. Schaudig
Work principle of DeKa-Titan
Report from Australian Patent Office                
Scientific test                            
Test 60 patients
Test with 60 patients - Report
Dr. Eche - Spain May, 2008
October, 2008
Patient reports

The device helps, for example, by following types of pain:
Arthroses of shoulder joint
Ischemic- and head pains
Intervertebral pains, sciatica, arthroses
Apoplexy pains
Pains by tumor diseases (cancer)
Roger - USA
Bernadette - USA
Kerry - USA
Dr. Patricia A. Zander, PhD., PMHNP-BC
Vera Jakoby

Postoperative pains
Intervertebral pains
Hip joint pains (coxalgia)
Cervical vertebra
Nick - UK
Radio broadcast
Sarah - USA
Gro - Norway
Karen - USA
Diann - USA
David - USA
Delphia – USA