Trachy, from 11.04.2008.


My name is Jerzy Wojtasiewicz, I am 60 years old. I live in Poland, in Trachy near Gleiwitz.

I am a pensioner-invalid for already 12 years and I receive persistent treatment. My main problem is the spine. It was simply already used too much and at several places there has come to some big dislocations. Since several years I also had some changes in my shoulders and hands. In some years my operation will be unavoidable. It is, however, a very complicated operation and the positive result is not always guaranteed. As long as I can go, I will not make the operation, because if something goes wrong, I will probably have to use the rocker.

My illness is, of course, connected to very acute pains. I have been already taking pain-relieving medicines for 15 years and I am staying under the influence of stronger and stronger pain-killers for 5 years.

In 21.03.2008, I got DeKa-Titan to test it. I felt its effects already after 30 minutes. On this date I took my last pain-relieving tablet. I use this apparatus with an electrode, which I clay on the upper part of the spine. It is enough. Only by faster movements do I feel short-term and small pains. However, the most important thing for me is that the prolonged pains, which didn’t stop completely in the last time even after taking pain-relieving drugs, went away and I don’t feel them any more.

I can live normally again.

Signature: Jerzy Wojtasiewicz