Pain impairs the quality of your life.
Pain is triggered by an illness or physical/mental disorder. As pain has a considerable influence on your well-being and quality of life, the role of pain therapy is extremely important.
Basically, DE - Ka - Titan can be used to treat all types of pain. It is important to know that the pain reliever is stimulated by a distinct pain impulse.
DE - Ka Titan reacts intelligently to your pain impulse. The stronger the pain, the higher the reciprocal action with your nervous system. DE - Ka - Titan is not prophylactic! Pain is an important and necessary warning signal!
Recommended use
Headache, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis, tennis elbow, lumbago and back pain, muscle pains and cramps, rheumatism, postoperative pains.
Safety instructions
Always consult a doctor when pain commences.
The device is for external use only, do not use internally..