Instructions for use

The DE - Ka method is an epoch-making innovation in physiological pain therapy.
DE - Ka Titan is the number 1 among the passive self-help pain relief devices.
Scientific medical surveys clearly confirm its efficacy in clinical tests.
DE - Ka Titan is always ready to use because it functions without electric or magnetic energy. You can take DE - Ka Titan with you everywhere and wear it all the time because it is lightweight and easy to use.

How DE - Ka Titan functions
The source of each pain is an impulse. This impulse is converted into the body's own natural pain signals (receptor-potentials) and relayed to the brain by the nerves. This pulse-like current is muted by the high-capacity electric capacitor in the DE - Ka – Titan so that the brain receives either a reduced pain signal or no pain signal at all.
DE - Ka - Titan is not prophylactic. Pain is part of a warning and safety system that should continue to function at least for a short period.

Recommended use
Headache, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, toothache, arthritis, tennis elbow, lumbago and back pain, muscle pains and cramps, rheumatism, postoperative pains.

During bad colds you can attach an adhesive electrode to the first cervical vertebra for at least 48 hours. Replace the electrode after this period.

The general rule is:
the worse the pain, the better the effect of the pain reliever!

Safety instructions
Always consult a doctor when pain commences.
The device is for external use only, do not use internally.

In accordance with the Medical Devices Act, the manufacturer should be notified of any negative incidents connected with medical devices.

According to our current state of knowledge, the use of the DE - Ka - Titan pain reliever has no side effects. A few patients experience warmth or tingling at the beginning. This disappears when the device has been used several times.

Please do not store DE - Ka - Titan near large metal objects.

Please do not use DE - Ka - Titan on injured or sensitive skin.

DE - Ka - Titan is not suitable for hot sterilisation. Wipe over with a disinfectant or pure alcohol.

Protect your DE - Ka - Titan from heat and direct sun (temperatures over 85°C).

Do not connect the DE - Ka - Titan to electrical devices or wires.

The DE - Ka - Titan Pain Reliever complies to the Medical Devices Act and has a CE symbol. It is a class 1 medical device according to EU Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC).

De-KA TitanDE - Ka – Titan was invented and manufactured in Germany.

DE-KA Titan Medical Germany e.K. 

Manfred Lehnert

Buchenschlag 85

90469 Nürnberg