Doctor Alain ECHE

Doctorate from the faculty of Medicine in Montpellier, France

Professor of therapeutic homeopathy and functional medicine

Associate no. Nº 6316 (College of Medicine in Alicante, Spain)

Within my speciality I normally think in terms of energy. In my opinion an illness is also a disorder, in other words a badly functioning force within the body.

Consequently, when they presented me with a ”Condenser” of magnetic fields with a vast capacity (enclosed in a Titanium case) capable of diminishing the potential of centripetal action which carries the pain information to the brain, in other words which is capable of misleading the brain, the idea interested me. I requested the brochure/catalogue with clinical studies that had been carried out. What actually pleasantly surprised me is the simplicity of use as well as the safety factor of this device called, DE-KA Titan.

In all it was very logical, well documented as to its application. It remained for me to take the next step: to test for myself the real level of efficiency in my private Clinic, bearing in mind that the medical tests presented corresponded to Hospital patients and with extreme pathologies, such as cancer, digestive, respiratory o genital.

I ordered a device from inzone, the distributor and, then all I had to do was to decide on which pathologies should I test to best see the level of results.

Due to relative frequency in my Clinic I decided to make the initial trials on three; migraine or headaches, tendonitis and neuralgias.

  1. Mrs. M. G.P. visited with a “cervicobraquial” neurology on her right side (stiff neck) which she had been suffering for 4 days. The normal tranquilizers did little to alleviate the pain. I applied the device while I questioned her more in search of a possible explication and, to observe her reaction, her personal sensitivity (something we practice within the field of Homeopathy). After 15 minutes of application with the electrodes she informed me that she noted a better relief than with her tranquilizers. I left the device connected for another 15 minutes and the lady left the clinic without pain, together with a homeopathic prescription and with the request to call back should the pain return. She did not call back.
  2. Mr. F.R. visited with an extreme pain ( at the moment) but with progressive appearance on his right elbow. I diagnosed a traumatic tendonitis (due to continued movements against resistance); he works in a car-body repair shop. I used the same system of application. Relief was observed in the session. He called back after 15 days because the pain was appearing again and I recommended that he should order a device from the company which sells to private people but, with medical advice. He did not call back.
  3. Mrs. P. F.T. visited with Migraine with circulatory components as well as digestive (nausea y vomiting). Again the same protocol was used but not such “spectacular” results. There was certain relief but it did not disappear completely. I deduce that with this first use of the DE-KA Titan that its efficiency seems proportional to the intensity of pain. The more intense the action potential that runs through the dendrites from the peripheral to the brain, then more effective is the magnetic field of constraint.

This first experience of the device has given me a good taste and I am enticed to continue its use. It is another tool at our disposal and, to be recommended to patients with extreme pain and if applied more than half and hour (the time we use in the clinic) then I would think that the results should be better; this is something I still have to confirm. I shall comment at a future date.

Dr. Alain Eche               Alicante, May 12th. 2008